SPACIOUS (Science PlAtform Cloud Infrastructure for Outsize Usage Scenarios) aims to become a turning point for exploiting scientific data from space missions more efficiently, through a new computational framework for astrophysics based on big data and data mining technologies.

With its innovative approach, the project is set to open new avenues in space science, significantly enhancing the ability to manage and analyze the growing volume of highly complex data from space missions.


Job opportunity

Job offer at the University of A Coruña for a Research support technician. Research Field: Computer science Application Deadline3 Jul 2024 - 15:00 (Europe/Brussels)

Three job offers

Postdoctoral position at the ICCUB (Barcelona) - CLOSED 21 Apr. Cloud engineer position at the ICCUB (Barcelona) - CLOSED 21 Apr. Senior Research Software Engineer at the UEDIN (Edinburgh) - CLOSED 15 Apr.

SPACIOUS says “Hello World”

SPACIOUS says “Hello World”

January 1, 2024 marked the start of the SPACIOUS project! During three years we will be working hard to make come true our vision of an easy access to technologies for mining the Big Data produced by missions of the European Space Agency.


SPACIOUS Kick-Off Meeting

SPACIOUS Kick-Off Meeting

The SPACIOUS Kick-off meeting took place on 23-24 January at the ICCUB premises in the Physics Faculty of the University of Barcelona, focusing on establishing the project's direction and priorities and timeline. The agenda covered a wide range of topics from...


SPACIOUS is a Horizon Europe HORIZON-CL4-2023-SPACE-01-71 project funded under grant agreement no. 101135205